Friday, June 10, 2011

Mya's Heart

On Tuesday of this week I was driving the kids to Target to do a little shopping. On the way there, out of nowhere, Mya said, "Mommy I want to ask Jesus into my heart." I was caught off guard but immediately responded and asked if she wanted to wait until daddy got home. She said, "No, I want to do it right now." so we did. I pulled the car off the side of the road, asked her to bow her head, and had her pray the sinners prayer. It was an amazing moment. She asked me why I was sad, as I was crying tons, and I had to explain to her that they were tears of joy. What a proud moment!

I had the pleasure today of meeting a mom at the pool. It was good and something that I needed to fill my "social" tank.  I learned a lot about her life and really enjoyed the conversation.  Another thing to celebrate today is Sara's potty time.  We had a neighbor kid over at the house and they were all playing in the bedroom.  Next thing I knew Sara was sitting on the toilet, all by herself, going poopy.  Yipee!  I hope we are done with diapers for good.

And now, some pictures that I have been meaning to post.  I figured out that I can sit in the parking lot of Starbucks and still access their internet service.  So now I don't have to drag all three children into the store when I need to post pictures.  I am so clever sometimes.

Here are pictures of Sara's birthday party....

Here is a shot of the me and the girls enjoying oranges.  I taught them to smile with them.  Oranges are a must eat on a daily basis around here.

And here is the view of the pool from our front door.  Pretty awesome!

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  1. Hannah says to say happy birthday to Sara. A little late, I know, but I just showed her the pictures of the birthday party. Very sweet story about Mya too! God bless her and good for you for meeting the moment right then!