Saturday, June 25, 2011

Monterey Bay

For the weekend, we decided to take a drive to Monterey, which is about 3 1/2 hours from our apartment.  We got on and negotiated for a cheaper price at the Hilton resort for two nights.  If any of you readers are golfers, you would be a little jealous of the golf course that we stayed on.  And the golf courses that we drove by on the coast.  It was beautiful!  The only problem occurred when we arrived here on Friday night only to discover a drastic drop in temperature.  Oh my!  We went from 100 degree weather to 55 degree weather.  We are freezing!  I packed the whole family in tank tops and shorts.  So as you browse through our pictures, you will notice that we all have on the same clothing all weekend.  We had to buy sweatshirts for everyone.  Enjoy the pictures!

Here are the girls in a seafood restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey.  They ate calamari for the first time and loved it.

And here is precious Chloe with pasta sauce all over her face.  She doesn't care for baby food anymore.

The girls actually went swimming outside in 55 degree weather...thank goodness for the heated pool.  I bought them Hello Kitty swim goggles for our trip so they had to try them out.  Both girls are learning how to swim underwater without their life jackets.  It is so fun to see them learn this skill.

Our first night in the room, Mya discovered the shower cap in the bathroom and thought it was pretty neat.

Just a cute picture of Chloe smiling.

And here she is doing the splits.  Actually, this is her attempt to crawl but she hasn't quite figured out how to propell forward yet.  I am okay with her staying in one place a little longer.

Me and the girls at the Hilton resort.

We took a drive along the coast to see the Pacific Ocean.  That is what you see in the background.

And here we have Sara choking Chloe for a group shot.

And then we have a nice shot with no choking.

A sweet, sweet picture of baby and daddy.

Me and Dan (the camera got a little too close to Dan's face, but turned out cute anyway)

The travelling family.

The travelling mommy with kids.

We visited the Monterey Aquarium and the next four pictures are courtesy of Dan's photography skills.  He took pictures all afternoon to get these good ones.  I was impressed!  I think the turtle shot is the coolest.

The rest of the pictures of of the coast.  It was a great trip for us all, except that we really really miss the sunshine and the warm weather.  We are looking forward to returning to our apartment.

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