Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Let me just start this entry by saying that if I could pick a father out for my girls it would certainly only be Dan.  He loves those little girls in a way that is awe inspiring.  I have no doubt that they know with all their heart that their daddy loves them as unconditionally as a human can love another human being.
I asked the girls today why they love their daddy.  They answered with these responses:
“Because he’s my favorite boy”
“Because I love him”
“Because he’s a handsome Prince”
“Because he’s my girl” (let me explain…..Dan always tells the girls that they are his girls and Sara gets it a little mixed up sometimes)
We celebrated Father’s Day weekend by giving Dan his presents in the morning.  I took the girls to the dollar store to get presents for him.  The majority of the gifts were candy, of course.

The best gift was the "wobble goggless" from Mya.  She picked them out just for her daddy.

I got him a shirt from Abercrombie, but took a chance and made him wear pink.  I think it is very becoming on him!
We took a day trip to the Sequoia National Forest.  We went up to around 6,000 feet and enjoyed some scenic views and walked on a trail to see the Redwood trees.

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