Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dan the Man

Dan has had quite a week with starting a new job and learning a whole new commuting system. Thank goodness he is able to come home and sit in the hot tub with the kids in the evening. When he showed up to work on Monday he was surprised to be working in a skilled nursing facility again. But as the week unfolded he discovered that this facility has friendly co-workers and much better patient care. The facility is clean and the nurses have been welcoming. Right away he was very honest with his director about his take on the billing issues. They have respected his stance and are supportive of him. They are not as strict with his productivity level and are accommodating with patient refusals and other factors out of his control during the day. The facility in Stockton actually docked his pay one week because his productivity level wasn't at 90%...which unfortunately happened because of things out of his control. All that to say...this is a much better placement and I can see him relaxing as the days go by. Thank goodness!

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