Monday, April 23, 2012


As I mentioned in a previous blog we find ourselves driving to church every Sunday.  There is always a reason for us to return.  We love the church and want to go, but each Sunday we say something about the commute.  And yet, God keeps us going there.  So this Sunday we went again so we could take the fourth child back to her parents, since her dad is the pastor of the church.  And they had a newcomers luncheon so we were able to stay for lunch.  We have been going to a Sunday School class at this church and have really enjoyed it.  After taking the kids to IHop for breakfast…yes, all six of us went…we arrived at church in time for our class.  The topic was about Satan and how much power he does or doesn’t have on our lives.  It was a very intriguing class…as they always are.  There is one man in particular in that class who we adore.  He appears to be in his late 70’s, maybe early 80’s.  He is a widower and is battling cancer.  Every week we look forward to talking to him before or after class.  He is high spirited and has a neat outlook on his life.  After class on this particular Sunday, he approached Dan.  He thanked us for coming yet another Sunday….he knows our situation and dilemma with the commute.  And he reached out his hand to shake Dan’s hand. In it, he placed a $20 bill for Dan and said it was for gas money or for whatever we need it for.  He joked about buying us so we would keep coming back, but he said he wanted to do something for us.  Yes, I got choked up.  I mean…wow….here is this man who is dealing with chemotherapy and he thinks to bless someone else.  We were just amazed and truly grateful.  Dan said he has learned to swallow his pride and accept blessings as he knows we have learned to bless others along our way too.  Recently I read an article about being a mom and the author shared a wonderful idea that I hope to do someday.  She said…how wonderful would it be to find a mom in the grocery store who has young kids, tell the mom to go load up her car with her kids and meet you out front, meanwhile you pay for her groceries and load them up for her.  That would be so cool!
The girls received a package on Saturday from their Grandma Brindle.  They each had a new outfit and wanted to show them off for the blog.  They have caught on to the fact that I put pictures of them on the computer so their family can see them.  So they were excited when I got the camera out so they could pose in their new outfits.  Thank you Grandma!!!!

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