Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leaving Porterville

God is good! That is all I have to say. The first move went smoothly on Thursday. Mya and I drove to Stockton for the day and were at the new apartment when the furniture arrived. We had a few hours free in the afternoon so I took her to the mall to get her ears pierced. She was so brave. Of course I promised her she could buy some princess chap stick if she followed through with the ear piercing. She was so proud of herself. It was so fun having a whole day with just her. We had some meals together and just enjoyed the quality time. It is the little things that make Mya so happy. On the way home at night we stopped at a Subway for dinner. She got the kids meal (ham sandwich, apples, and juice) and they put it in an adorable, girly bag. Se felt so special.....and it sure beats getting a kids meal at a fast food restaurant. The girls have done so well with understanding about healthy foods. A ham sandwich is something Mya gets excited about.

Our second move was on Friday. I took Dan to work at 5:30 am so he could get off early in the afternoon. Then that morning I loaded up the rest of our stuff in the apartment....bedding, toiletries, clothes, toys, etc. I stuffed the trunk full and shut the lid so fast so nothing would fall out. It was quite comical. I was bummed to have to pack by myself because I am really bad at packing things in a small space. Dan strategically puts things in so more things will fit....but I tend to just pack it in until it is full. With this job, Dan doesn't have any vacation days so I had to do a lot of packing by myself. But at night he helped as much as he could. He did scrub the whole bathroom for me on our last night in the apartment. Thank goodness! Once things were all packed, I took the girls to breakfast for a final farewell at our bowling alley restaurant. We will miss the pancakes there! Then we spent the afternoon with our friends Jennifer and Neva. I dreaded that final goodbye. It was very hard but we have all promised to spend some weekends together while we are living in Stockton. They have never been to San Francisco so I know we will be able to lure them up this way for sure. Friday night we arrived at the new apartment and spent a couple more hours unpacking all the little things. We finally fell into bed around 10 pm and slept very well.

So how is the new apartment? Well.....we are pleased. We will miss Porterville and the people we met so very much, but there are a few things that we were ok to leave behind. We left the poor air quality, the rooster that crowed every morning starting at 5am (strange...our apartment was in the city), the apartment bathroom that was just yucky, the paper thin walls of our apartment (we could hear our neighbor's conversations at night), and watching neighbor kids roam the apartment complex for hours with no parent supervision. The new apartment is a bit smaller than the last one, but we love the rented furniture and the carpet is very clean. We have a living room window that overlooks green grass and a quiet community. The walls are thick and the apartment is very quiet. There are some drawbacks here too, but we have learned to adjust to those. I spoke negatively about the previous apartments but there are many things we enjoyed about it too. So we are finally settled and learning the lay of the land. Tomorrow we try out a new church and have lunch with our friend from Ohio. It should be a nice day and the temperature will be in the 70's.

I still promise to post pictures soon. I haven't had a minute to get the camera out let alone drive to a Starbucks alone to post pictures on the blog. Stay tuned.....

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