Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Night Out

I got some time out tonight, so here I am, sitting at Starbucks, enjoying one of their new Refresher drinks.  It is a lime flavor, but I don't really like it too much.  Guess I'll try the other flavor next time.  Well, I think it is almost safe to say that me, Dan and the baby managed to NOT get the flu.  Not sure how, but I am not complaining one bit!  We had a successful, healthy day today and the kids were glad to be able to play with their apartment friends again.  Since last Friday they have missed seeing their friends.  Today we ventured out and it was good.  Or should I say.....the neighbor kids ventured in.  We had three extra friends in the apartment today.  I struggle!  I struggle with the neighbor kids in many ways.  I love having them around, but let me tell you how tough it is to watch them raise themselves.  And because of that, they are left to decide what sinful nature they will keep or not keep.  What I mean by that is that they aren't being taught how to treat people or squelch selfish ways or respect others.  Many times if they aren't in the mood to be around my girls, they will just ignore them or decide not to share their things that day. But as soon as we bring out our toys they are playing with them and eating our food and watching our movies.  My sinful nature wants to lecture them on how to treat my kids, but I can't.  I know that I am here to set an example for them.  Even if it effects them in one small way.  Even if twenty years from now they think back to how their neighbor treated them.  I am teaching my kids to think of others first no matter how they are treated.  Well, that is what I need to be demonstrating and this is the perfect opportunity to do it.  So they don't share their toys with my kids, but we can share our toys with a joyful heart.  Try to do that when you aren't being treated in the same way.....tough!  But God is giving me the self control and wisdom on how to handle this.  For that I am grateful.

Since I am at Starbucks I can share some pictures with you.  Below is a picture of Mya and Sara's favorite neighborhood friend.  Her name is Gracie.  Pray for her if you have the chance.  She is the one that I see the most just wandering the apartment complex looking for something to do all day long, every day.

Chloe is enjoying a gift that the girls got in a package from their Gigi.  Thank you Gigi and Poppo!

A cute picture of Mya and Chloe.  Mya always finds her way into the path of the camera.  If I had blonde hair and blue eyes I would do the same thing!

Okay...not the best picture of myself, but I wanted to prove that I am growing my hair out.  It is slowly....ever so slowly....growing.

Goofy Sara with her sunglasses.  We are so grateful that she is feeling better.  Her bout with the flu was pretty scary for us.

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