Thursday, February 2, 2012

I have to take a moment to share about our oldest, Mya (who is wearing my glasses in the picture).  She is growing and blossoming in so many ways and we are in awe of her often.  I need to start by talking about her level of energy, which is crazy….the child never stops and naps are a thing of the past.  She goes and goes and goes all day long.  It is exhausting to watch and sometimes we do have to remind her to tone it down a bit.  We have to reiterate the importance of doing things slower, practicing patience, putting others first and letting things go if she doesn’t get what she wants right away.  These are tough lessons for her, but she is plugging away.  We have found that it is important to link these lessons to as much scripture as we can. 
Aside from her energy level, we have found Mya to be an extremely creative child.  I just can’t believe sometimes what she comes up with.  Her newest thing is making items out of paper.  She loves using tape and pieces of paper to create.  Nobody taught her this skill!  It started out when I lost my pearl from my ring before Christmas.  She wanted me to have new jewelry so she made me a ring out of paper.  From there, she started making necklaces and earrings too.  One night she used her glue stick to glue the earrings to our ears (me and Dan). It was hysterical and we tried very hard not to burst out laughing while wearing the paper jewelry.  Now she has moved on to bigger and better things like making purses, wallets, money, sunglasses, hats, hair brushes and DVDs to make movies. 
Another new interest for her is dancing.  I know I am her mom, but I have to say that she is quite good.  A bit more graceful then I was at her age (ha ha). Yep, dancing didn’t pan out to be my thing.  But “Go Mya” if that is what she wants to do.  She has been known to put her bathing suit on and prance around the living room while listening to her princess music on the IPad.
And finally, Mya has such a heart for God.  She has anxiety with playing group games.  She experiences this at church on Wednesday nights.  This was a big struggle for her in preschool last year too.  We have tried to encourage her to join the play, but it is not something she wants to do.  So finally we decided to start teaching her to pray for bravery the night of church.  We did this for a couple weeks with her.  Last night, right before we left the door to go to church, she asked me to pray with her about bravery.  I was so proud of her.  I prayed with her and I could tell that she felt better.  I am not sure how much she participates during class, but I do know that her anxiety level before going to church has drastically improved.  She is learning firsthand how much she needs God’s help.  Just this evening our 6 year old neighbor friend was over and Mya initiated playing "church." She was the pastor and she lead the "choir" in songs and then gave us a sermon about the bible.  It was pretty cool!

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  1. It's neat to hear about Mya. Hannah did the same thing with tape and paper. Apparently spending lots of time in the Donatini household encourages creative thinking! :)