Saturday, October 22, 2011

Princess Mya

Happy Birthday Mya!
Mya….our sweet, fun-loving, beautiful little girl turns 5 today.  It is hard to believe.  Dan and I are taking her on a date tonight.  A lady from church was kind enough to offer to keep the other girls so we could spend some time with Mya on her birthday.  She has requested pasta and shrimp for dinner so hopefully we can find an Italian restaurant for her.  Then we are taking her to buy a Barbie doll of her choice.  It should be a fun evening. 
Last night we had a princess party for her.  She invited some kids from the apartment complex and a few from church.   At one point we had around 15 people in our apartment until the husbands left to see a movie.  Then it was an apartment full of girls after that.  We ate pizza, made pasta necklaces, ate cake, opened presents and tried very hard to contain all the excitement and energy that the kids had.  At some points it was pretty crazy.  But the girls had fun and that is what matters. 
Chloe helping with the decorating
Decorations complete
Mya’s cake

Proud Papa

Sara can't wait to party too!
Waiting for the party guests to arrive

“I want pizza!”
Party guests
Making necklaces
Neighborhood boy showed up and sang to Mya
“"Happy Birthday to you"”

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