Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Old Porterville

Well......we are not moving. We decided to extend our contract here in sunny Porterville for yet another 13 weeks. It was a bit unexpected as we were led to believe that the hospital could only keep Dan through the holidays. But they approached him last Friday and asked him to stay longer. So this takes us through February. After that we will be moving on to San Diego. There is a contract at the hospital that will be available for Dan at that time. Dan's recruiter gave him some time off, which will be nice...a few days in December and a few in January. We might do some traveling during that time.

We are excited to stay here longer. Especially because our church has a Christmas cantata that I hoped to be a part of. And now I can! It will be easier to be away from home over the holidays since we are in familiar surroundings. All of those things are blessings. It has been amazing, once again, to see God work out all the details right before our very eyes. Our debt continues to dwindle away and for that we are extremely grateful...and we get to explore new territory, enjoy warmer weather, and spend time with our amazing children all at the same time. All three girls are growing so fast. Mya and I do schoolwork in the afternoon during the week and she is so smart. Chloe still isn't walking yet, but she can stand by herself, and Sara is just goofy and real laid back. This time with the girls and Dan is so sweet and fun!

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