Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Sights Along the Way

On Saturday we drove 15 hours and yesterday (Sunday) we drove 20 hours.  We landed in Flagstaff Arizona late Sunday night.  Whew!  Below are some sights that we saw along the way.

Here is Chloe in her pose that she sat in for most of the trip.  She is taking after her aunt Jen and learning how to do yoga early.

Driving along the road in Alabama we saw a sight where the tornadoes hit.  It was amazing to see the damage that was done and very sad at the same time.

Here is the largest cross located in Texas.

And finally the GRAND CANYON!  We spent the whole day there with our friends Tom and Jenn and their four kids.  We stayed all day so we could see the sun set.  It was stunning!  Tomorow we are heading to Sedona and Wednesday we take off for California.

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