Sunday, May 29, 2011

Noah's Ark

Did you know that the shopping cart was invented in Oklahoma? Random fact.

"Noah did everything as God had commanded him." Genesis 6:22. I have often thought about the time when God told Noah to build the ark. Most likely people thought he was crazy. Build a boat when the people had never seen rain? But Noah did it without reservation. I think about this story because I have had partial obedience. Dan has not wavered and has demonstrated full obedience with our lifestyle change but I on the other hand have had those wavering moments. Our email devotion today was about Noah's obedience and it taught me to recheck my heart and my attitude. We are not really supposed to pick and choose what commands to follow. And we really shouldn't grumble as we go if things get tough. Just because we choose obedience certainly does not mean that the task will be easy. My faith has been tested time and time again and I am learning about what it means to bring pleasure to God.

We just got done looking at the largest cross in the world located in Texas. Wow! And we got to experience 97 degree weather. Now we are headed across Texas and approaching New Mexico. I have great pictures to share but will wait until I have use of my laptop. Did I mention how amazing it has been to have the IPad with us? A big thank you to my brother in law Ben for talking us into buying one. It has been a lifesaver.


  1. Of course it's the largest... it's IN TEXAS! You MUST eat at a WHATABURGER as you're travelling through Texas. You CANNOT be in Texas and NOT eat at Whataburger. I'm SO jealous!

  2. I am finally reading these and I wanted you to know that this particular post was convicting to me. Thanks and I hope you are doing well!