Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Do You Ever Just Want to Know???

Do you ever wonder what path God is taking you on?  You know that something big might be coming, but you are just not sure how it is all going to play out.  I have been wondering that a lot lately.

It all started with a flyer at a Starbucks in Porterville, California.  I went to get my once a week hot chocolate and noticed a flyer inviting me to a free healthy cooking class.  So I wrote down the date, time and address and showed up to the class that next Saturday.  I met a girl who was going to school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach.  This cooking class and meeting her was the start of my journey to becoming healthy with food.  Don't get me wrong....we still have a long way to go.  But it triggered something in me and made me want to research and learn while we were in California.  Fast forward to now and I had another neat thing happen.  About a month ago, my sister asked me to attend a green smoothie/essential oils workshop with her and a friend in Columbus.  So the three of us left that day to attend the workshop and found ourselves stuck in traffic for hours.  We eventually made it to Columbus just in time to have lunch and drive back home.  We had missed the workshop.  I decided to send a text to the presenter, letting her know that we had missed the training due to traffic.  To my surprise, she texted back and said that she would love to connect with me about other trainings.  So we emailed the next few days and talked on the phone and decided to have her do a workshop in Ashland.  Monday was the training and my head has been in the clouds since then.  I am trying to come down.  I fell in love with the essential oils.  I discovered that the presenter graduated from the same school as the girl in Porterville.  And I was asked to consider joining the essential oil team.  So now I sit and ponder where God is taking me.  Health/nutrition/fitness.....these are all things that excite me and I can see myself pursuing.  I am just not sure in what capacity yet.  Homeschooling will take priority next year, but in the meantime I will enjoy experimenting with essential oils with my family and becoming an expert in that area as much as I can.  So if any family members are reading might be asked to be my guinea pig on a few things!

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