Sunday, May 13, 2012


Our second child, Sara, has beautiful eyes.  I see peace in her eyes when I look at her.  She is easy going and goes with the flow.  Yet she has a sensitive spirit.  She gets hurt easily, but forgives easily too.  She is the one that keeps us laughing through life.  She can take a stressful situation and find humor in it and her smile is contagious.  Sara has always been a child who has played independently.  I remember a picture I took of her when she was real little….she would play with Mya’s doll house and the little people for hours by herself.  And to this day she can entertain herself so easily.  Sometimes we will find her sitting with her princess dolls having conversations with them and enjoying her quiet time.  It is fun to listen in on those conversations.  Sara is yet another princess in our family.  She loves wearing dresses and doing ballet for us in the living room. She is truly a “girly girl.” She loves her purses and princess figurines….they go everywhere with us, although we have some work to do with her organizational skills.  She is not one to keep track of her belongings….we often find ourselves asking her on numerous occasions where her things are.  Somehow she loses things in our small apartment all the time.  But again, that keeps us laughing with her.  Sara’s sweet spirit keeps our family balanced and in check with making sure we have fun with our time together.  We are very grateful for her obedience and soft heart.

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