Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bears, Snow and Mountains.....Oh My!

We took what was supposed to be a leisurely drive to the mountains today but it turned into an all day trip.  We drove to the Sequoia National Park and two hours later we were still in the car following the very long, windy road up to the top of the mountain.  Finally, at 8,000 feet we reached near the top.  Aside from the long drive, it was stunning and worth the trip.  You would think we would have this travelling thing down to a science, but we are still a work in progress.  We had little food and water with us and certainly not the right clothing to spend time at the top of a mountain in the snow. least the entrance into the park was free today because of Veteran's Day....thank goodness....we would have had to pay $20 to enter.  Even though there were some little snags along the way, we had a wonderful time.  We saw a real live bear walk by our car, stood in front of the largest Sequoia tree and watched the girls have a snowball fight.

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