Monday, August 1, 2011

A Child's Testimony

We have had quite the experience with our neighbor kids. Last week it seemed like they were at our house a lot and I found myself kind of irritated by Friday. I was frustrated with myself for feeling that way, but I have come to learn how to diagnose my irritations quicker before they get too big. So I sat on the couch on Friday night after our kids went to bed, took some deep breaths, opened the bible, and read for a while. Things became clearer for me. I recognized that I was not setting good boundaries with the neighborhood kids. I really like having them at our apartment, but it was consuming my time with my girls. So my special education degree came in handy at that moment. I came up with a plan! I got so excited. I grabbed two pieces of paper from Mya's backpack and a green and red marker. On one page I drew a red stop sign and on the other I drew a green stop sign. Right beside our front door, on the outside, is a clip to hold papers in case someone wants to leave a note at your apartment. Perfect! I put the papers in that clip and they stay there every day. If I am ready to have the kids over then I put the green sign up, but if we are gone or the girls are napping or I am cooking dinner, then I put the red sign up. It has worked wonders and the kids love it. Especially our non-reader friends.

I had the pleasure of hearing Mya give her testimony last week. It was amazing! The neighbor kids were over and everyone was coloring at our dining room table. I overheard a conversation about the devil. I never stay very far away from my girls if the neighbor kids are there so I can intervene with their conversations if I need to. Well, I didn't have to intervene much. I asked them, "What are you all talking about?" One girl told me that she was telling the group that if they say the word 'devil' that he will come into your house and scare you. I started to correct that statement and share some truth when Mya sat up real tall and said, "You just need Jesus in your heart and then you don't have to be scared of the devil." Then she proceeded to tell them that one day she was driving in the car with her mommy and asked if she could have Jesus in her heart. She told them that her mommy pulled the car over and prayed a prayer with her and now she has Jesus in her heart. The room went silent.  What a testimony!

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