Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I love holidays that involve gifts.  I love getting them and receiving them.  So it isn't a surprise that we gave the kids their gifts early.  I was too excited to wait!  Except now the day has arrived and they wonder why they aren't getting any more presents.  Oops!

I asked for some jeans for my present so I went and picked them out myself.  Love them!!  I read an article recently about "mom" jeans and how to make sure you pick the right jean for your body type. So I am working on that....nice embellishment on the jean pockets=)

The jeans were fun, but the best part was going to dinner with Dan last night....all by Olive Garden.  I got my favorite dessert Tiramisu...yum!  And then Dan came home from work today with a dozen roses for me.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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