Monday, July 22, 2013

Southern Hospitality

Dan and I took the kids on a road trip over the weekend.  We left Friday night and arrived in Tennessee around 1 am.  We stayed with my step-mom's parents at their beautiful home.  All I have to say is that southern hospitality is my thing!  I sort of threw my healthy eating habits out the window (in the name of "vacation") and enjoyed all the wonderful food that was prepared for us.  Apparently in the South you are not allowed to be hungry.  And we were all okay with that.  Sunday afternoon was a family birthday party and I enjoyed beans, fresh cole slaw, barbecued pork sandwiches and a variety of cakes.  How could I say no when everyone else was eating it?  Tomorrow we are all getting back in our normal eating habits, but we surely enjoyed our Tennessee food.

Have you ever seen a two year old tube behind a speed boat? Our two year old has no fear. Saturday was spent at the lake swimming and tubing.  That made the trip unforgettable for the kids.

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