Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Michigan Bound

I am on my way to Michigan today!  This is the day I get to meet Robyn Openshaw...the pioneer of green smoothies.  To some she is just a name, to me she is an inspiration to our family.  Green smoothies have changed our life because they encouraged us to look at other foods that we were eating.  They encourage eating more raw foods and they make our bodies feel so much better.  I am going to be the one who takes the very large camera, pulls it out and asks to have my picture taken with her.  It will be embarassing I suppose, but so worth it.  Tomorrow I will post "the picture."  Robyn has a workshop tonight and I get to be the check in lady for that.  It will be neat to meet some new people as I do that job.

Over the weekend we took the kids camping.  Boy is it a lot of work to camp for one night.  But we were so thankful to have the van to fit everything in the trunk.  I felt complete relief because I didn't have to limit what I wanted to bring.  We went to Malabar Farm for the afternoon and took the kids on the wagon tour.  The temperature was perfect and the weather beautiful.  The kids had a great time.  Then we drove around Mohican State Park trying to find a campsite that wasn't full.  We finally found one that had one spot left.  We took it, but didn't pay attention to how wet the ground was.  It was muddy.  Since Chloe hadn't had a nap for the day, which was a BIG mistake, she was crazier than normal.  She kept slipping in the mud and running all over the place and tried many times to help me with the fire. Since I am the master fire builder from all my years at Camp Nuhop, I was in charge of building the fire.  It took me over two hours and half a box of matches to get it lit.  Dan bought wood for us at the campsite, but it was damp.  And he and the girls continually found sticks for me for over an hour to help me keep the fire lit.  It was pretty frustrating because we had dinner to cook over the non existent fire.  Everyone was hungry.  Finally, a few hours later we were able to cook our food.  We did our best to make it fun for them.  Neither one of us slept much that night as Chloe made her way to Dan's arms for the night and the other two snored.  But we all woke up bright and early at 6 am to chirping birds and blue skies.  We packed up, drove home and went to Perkins for breakfast.  The kids ate their food like they had never eaten before.  I guess they were hungry.  Then we went home, did an at home church service with the kids, did laundry, fed everyone and we all took naps for most of the afternoon.  It actually was a very nice day.  We went to a cookout for the evening and had a nice time.

Over the past three days all three girls have been battling colds.  I hate to say it, but I tend to get excited about minor illnesses in the home because it means I get to experiment with my oils.  I have been treating runny noses, congestion, coughs and ear infections very successfully with them.  We have this oil blend called Breathe that stops coughing dead in its tracks.  It is amazing.  Last night Sara had an ear infection and was up crying.  I put oil on a cotton ball in her ear and she woke up this morning without any pain.  I took the cotton ball out of her ear and I could see that the oil had pulled out a bunch of gunk out of her ear.  Pretty cool stuff!  It makes sense that a product taken directly from God's plants can heal our bodies.

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