Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fruitful Vine

I was making lunch for the girls today after our MOPS meeting. I was in a hurry to feed all of them. I was moving at a quick pace. Mya had the nerve to ask me to put raisins on her celery with peanut butter. What? You mean to tell me the peanut butter and celery wasn't enough. It took time for me to spread that peanut butter on each piece of celery. Meanwhile I was trying to feed the baby. And now my child wanted me to get the raisins out and put them on her celery. You know what I did? I stopped myself in the middle of saying the word "No" and realized that she was asking for something so small...and something that would make her lunch fun and memorable. I stopped myself, changed my thinking, and told her "Yes, you sure can." Priorities! Our challenge at MOPS today was based on Psalm 128 where God tells us that we should be fruitful vines within our houses. My priority at lunch was to get things done on my timetable, so I could checkmark those things on my list. But what should be more important is my children. I am challenged to start watching them closer, play Duck Duck Goose when I don't want to, and going that extra mile to put raisins on Mya's celery. By doing these things I can focus on teaching my children the way God has designed it to be. My family is my ministry and I can obey the Lord in that area by paying attention to the children. One of these days will be the last day that Mya asks for raisins, or that Sara asks me to read her a picture book, or that Chloe needs me to hold her hands to help her walk. These days will pass quickly and I want to do whatever I can to minister to my children and bear fruit in our home.

Last night after dinner the girls were playing with their toys and we overheard them telling their toys that they needed to listen to Proverbs to be wise. Wow! I am doing something right from spending more time with the kids. The Lord will bless that extra time and effort that we put into caring for and teaching them. Blessings will be abundant and fruits of the spirit will be seen. I always tell the girls that they are learning to obey so God can use them and do great things with them. I am excited to see God use our entire family as we continue to make positive changes in our lives.

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